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Foot Fracture Overview

The human foot contains 26 bones, some of which are incredibly thin. Foot fractures are common, and residents of Nanuet, Jamaica, and Bronx, New York, rely on Jason Cohen, DPM, Sandeep Garcha, DPM, and the team at Cohen & Garcha Podiatry, LLP, for top-quality treatment. If you’re worried that you might have fractured a bone, call the office today to set up a diagnostic exam, or use the online scheduling tool to find a time that works for you.

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Fracture FAQs

What is a foot fracture?

“Fracture” is the word used for a broken bone. Considering how many bones make up the human foot and the incredible stress placed on your feet every day, it’s not surprising that around one in 10 fractures are in the feet.

Some causes of foot fractures include:

  • Accidentally kicking objects
  • Falls
  • Severe twists and sprains
  • Traumatic injuries and sports injuries

Stress fractures are fractures that develop over time due to repeated stress on your feet. They’re common in soldiers, athletes, and dancers.

What are some symptoms of a foot fracture?

Some fractures’ symptoms are quite apparent, especially when they result from a traumatic injury. However, other fractures aren’t as easy to detect.

Symptoms of a foot fracture include:

  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Changes in the shape of the foot or toes
  • Swelling
  • Pain that gets worse with activity and eases with rest
  • Difficulty putting weight on the foot
  • Changes in the way you walk or run

If you notice any of these changes, call the office right away to schedule a diagnostic assessment. When left untreated, foot fractures can heal incorrectly, leading to even more foot pain and mobility problems down the road.

How are foot fractures treated without surgery?

Your podiatrist will order an X-ray or other imaging procedure to determine if you have a fracture. If one or more breaks are found, your podiatrist will talk to you about all the available treatments before deciding which is best for you.

If the ends of the broken bone are still aligned, a cast or brace can hold your foot in place as your body repairs the break. This can also be a good approach when a bone is cracked or has a minor fracture.

If the bones aren’t aligned, your podiatrist can sometimes manually move the pieces to restore their alignment. This can require a local anesthetic to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the process.

Don’t delay coming in for a diagnostic exam. The team at Cohen & Garcha Podiatry, LLP, can quickly determine if you’ve suffered a fracture and provide treatment to restore your foot’s function. Scheduling can easily be completed online or over the phone.

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